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Your Home May Be Underinsured

Tree Roots & Sewer Lines


Top 5 Ways to Save Money on Auto Insurance

Rental Car Insurance: To Buy or Not to Buy?

All-Terrain Vehicles

Renting Motor Homes, U-Haul Trucks & Trailers

Not sure why your auto insurance rates might be changing? Sometimes it can be caused by things that you can not control and other times it’s something as simple as getting a new car. Here is a list of reasons of why your rates might be changing and an explanation behind the reason. Idaho Department of Insurance


Business Income

Loss of Customer's Data

Life Changes

How Divorce Affects Your Insurance

Reducing Insurance Costs

Information Sheets

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Emergency Preparedness Pointers

Shop Safely Online

Hosting a Party? Liability Tips

Backyard Safety

Basic First Aid Tips

Bicycle Safety

Burglary Prevention Tips

Childproofing Your Home

Emergency Preparation

Identity Theft

Home Fire Prevention

Checklists and Forms

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Our checklists below are designed to help your family prepare for a variety of events. These are intended to give you a direction and an idea of where to start. Use what is best for your family and fits your specific needs.

Emergency Phone List

Home Inventory List

Teen Driving Contract

Useful Links

Kelly Blue Book

Life and Health Insurance Foundation

National Council on Compensation Insurance

Insurance Services Office

Insurance Information Institute

National Safety Council

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Independent Insurance Agents Network

Auto Safety

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners